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Both of my children have attended this nursery since they were 9 months old and I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for the staff who have taken care of my children for the last 8 years.
Parent S.S
Our beautiful daughter joined Cherish Day Nursery at eight months young. Now our pre school daughter has matured into an intelligent, well behaved, cheeky little girl excelling way beyond her age in literacy and numeracy due to the ongoing care and attention given from the excellent staff at the nursery. We are already getting anxious for the last few months remaining. I would definitely recommend Cherish Day Nursery and already have.
Parents S.J.
Our son Lucas has been going to Cherish Day Nursery since he was 10 months old and he is now nearly 2. The staff are lovely to the children and give us daily feedback on how Lucas spent his day. In addition, we find the weekly newsletter on the activities the children were involved in very helpful. Lucas seems to thrive and enjoy his time there. Lately, at home, he has been singing tunes and doing dance moves, much to our delight and amusement! We were also content with the recent menu changes, which adds more variety to the children's diet, a crucial thing to their well being and development.
Parents M.B.
We just wanted to say a personal thank you to all the staff at Cherish Day Nursery for the love and care that has been given to both of our children over the years. Our first child started attending the nursery back in 2008 just before he turned 2. The then named Cornerstone Day Nursery & Pre-School was our second nursery as he had struggled to settle at the previous place. As a parent leaving your child in the care of others it is always difficult but we have to say the staff made this a lot easier for us from day 1. The environment at the nursery was always welcoming and the children were made to feel like part of a family and the staff were incredible. Leaving our second child was a lot easier as he was embraced by the staff from when he was born and the staff looked forward to him joining at the age of 2. He was very familiar with the staff as a baby and settled in very quickly.
Parents N.A-C.
My son's confidence has developed in a positive manner, his speech development has grown and his interaction demonstrates both his happiness and confidence at Cherish Day Nursery. A big thank you!!! It's great to see my work at home is developed through his time at nursery. That wouldn't be possible if there wasn't a great team to support me, as a mother. Your hard work is fully appreciated.
Parents S.O