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Apple (Baby)

Our baby room provides a cosy environment designed to give comfort and encouragement for children aged between 6 months and 2 years. We work alongside parents and carers to ensure any home routine is followed, as closely as possible, to minimise any unnecessary distress.

Staff working with the youngest children focus on their self-awareness and self-confidence, early communication skills and early physical development (including strengthening of fine motor skills and gross motor skills). These provide the basis for successful learning in other areas.

The babies enjoy many varied sensory and tactile experiences, making use of the sand and water tray and the messy play area. Other highlights of the room, including a home corner and reading garden, provide great opportunities to ensure each day is suitably varied and entertaining.

With easy access to toys for free play, children can investigate different experiences, persist when they encounter difficulties and develop their own ideas and solutions without being prompted.

Our baby daily routine is flexible but follows the approximate timetable:

• 0800 hours – Nursery opens, welcome children, preparation for breakfast
• 0800 hours to 0830 hours – Breakfast
• 0830 hours to 0945 hours – Story time, messy play, painting
• 0945 hours to 1000 hours – Music time, preparation for snack time
• 1000 hours to 1025 hours – Snack time
• 1025 hours to 1100 hours – Outdoor time
• 1100 hours to 1130 hours – Free play, preparation for lunchtime
• 1130 hours to 1230 hours – Lunchtime
• 1230 hours to 1430 hours – Sleep time or quiet time
• 1430 hours to 1545 hours – Story time, messy play, painting, preparation for teatime
• 1545 hours to 1630 hours – Teatime
• 1630 hours to 1700 hours – Outdoor time or quiet time
• 1700 hours to 1800 hours – Free play, story time
• 1800 hours – Nursery closes

Scheduled nappy changes are, unless required more frequently, at 0830 hours, 1030 hours, 1430 hours and 1630 hours.